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Push Ups

Individualized Personal Training

I design fitness plans for clients that will progress you from one level of fitness to the next with varied workouts. I will be there to assure that you are correctly performing exercises, to help motivate you to reach your goals and I will meet with you one, two or three times per week, depending on the plan that you purchase. I look forward to joining you on your journey toward better health and fitness! 


Sessions start at $75/hr. Packages are available and can be viewed in my Plans and Pricing Page

For appointments, please contact me by email or phone.        805 450-3546


 In Person Classes at Bryant Street Gym

I lead in person classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the gym. These classes have no more than six women in them, so that I can offer hands on support when needed. I teach the basics of strength and resistance training with use of dumbbells, Kettlebells, resistance bands and body weight. You will learn proper form when lifting, how much they should lift and how and when to progress in lifting heavier. My clients have seen tremendous improvement in strength, mobility, energy levels, endurance, and confidence.